Averse To The End: Fists Up

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Denver Locals
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Alright it’s New Music Monday and that’s easily one of my favorite days of the week. If it’s not obvious by the other posts and what this blog is all about, I love music, finding new music, and sharing new music. Today is kind of a special one because I actually have an exclusive song, one that isn’t available on iTunes or Spotify…yet. It will be available on 5/13/14. So let’s get into it.

Averse to the End is a Denver band that I discovered towards the end of 2013. I’ve seen more bands than I could count or remember so when one sticks out to me, I make it a point to follow what they’re doing and try to be a presence at shows. What really impressed me was after the first show I saw I went up to each of them and simply said something like, “Hey, I’m April- I go to a lot of shows and I really enjoyed your set” and they thanked me and that was that. Maybe 6 weeks after I was at another show and ran into bassist, Trevor who actually remembered me and made it a point to say hi. Things like that really go a  long way with me. I know musicians meet a  lot of people, but when they remember who they meet, that seems significant to me and I really appreciate it. I would also like to happily mention, he’s not the only one who’s reached out and remembered meeting me which is so cool. I like bands a lot more when they’re not only good musically, but are also awesome as people and these guys all seem pretty great.

Another thing this band does that’s important to me is have variety in their songs- it’s not just similar sounding instrumentals with different lyrics. With this new song, I can pick up a little Chevelle influence, especially at about 2 minutes in and there’s something else it slightly reminds me of, but I haven’t been able to pin exactly what yet– I’ll just have to keep listening 😉

Have a listen and if you can help me pin down what other influence I hear there will be cool points awarded.  Click here to be directed to the YouTube site since it won’t let me link it the way I’d like for whatever reason.
Other songs I really like “Here in the End“, “Cutting the Ties” (both acoustic and not), and “I Tried” but I can’t wait to rock out to “Fists Up” at the next show.

Twitter: @Aversetotheend

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    New music?! Sounds good to me! BRAND NEW, UNRELEASED, EXCLUSIVE new music?! Even better! Happy Monday indeed!

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